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Absolutely fantastic band who can definitely get a party going. Great range of tunes and very low maintenance, even helped out another singer on the night whose speakers failed. Lighting was awesome too!

– Paul Royer, 25 April 2024, event La Cabane, Chamonix, France


Un répertoire très large de chansons rock, pop, funcky, en anglais et en français. De quoi danser toute la soirée! Ce groupe est extra!! Ils se sont adaptés à nos envies pour les chansons. Et ils ont même appris notre chanson préférée pour la soirée! Jérémy le chanteur est génial, et surtout il a une voix en or. Pendant le vin d'honneur les chansons étaient plus calmes, pour une ambiance de fond, et après le repas, ils ont mis une sacré ambiance, tout le monde était sur la piste pour danser! Le succès de notre mariage tient en grande partie à ce groupe vraiment génial.

– Hélène & Andy Roche, 10 April 2024, wedding in Nice, France


High Jinx played at our wedding and were fantastic!! They are so professional and have a great long playlist of classic and new songs. We had 2hr acoustic during the reception and cocktails, followed by 2hr concert plus a DJ set. They really are excellent and made our day very special and memorable, and have already been booked up for next summer by one of our guests. I would highly recommend them for any event. Thanks again guys!

– Neal Howell, 4 January 2024, wedding in Èze, France


Wonderful guys, professional band. They will definitely make you wanna sing and dance. They easily adapt to various events in order to make you live that very special moment! They are easygoing AND friendly. Feel free to trust them!!!

– Alina Žurina, 6 November 2023, wedding in Cannes, France


This band is excellent. Their sound and production quality is fantastic, their personality when performing or just mingling is great fun and they had no trouble filling the dance floor! And once people got there they never left! The group is very versatile and was more than happy to learn a couple of new songs for our wedding, including for our first dance song. Our dinner ran a little over schedule but the band were super relaxed. They also offered their microphones for our speeches and sorted out the setup of all their equipment directly with the venue with no hassle for us on the day which was great. Would not hesitate to recommend them for your event be it a wedding, party, corporate or whatever, everyone is sure to have a great time.

– Ali Whitehair, 9 October 2023, wedding at Château de La Napoule, France


Wow wow wow! Honestly this band are out of this world. They were such a pleasure to deal with and made our wedding! I cannot thank them enough for their positivity, sound and impeccable talents. Couldn't recommend them enough, they were amazing!!!!

– Sarah Williamson, 27 September 2023, wedding at Château Eza, Èze, France


High Jinx were truly fabulous. My contact with Gautier was excellent before the event. They are very professional, just a fantastic band. Great guys, superb set list, delivered with enthusiasm and energy. If you are looking for a band, then look no further, thank you so much you were such a huge part of my daughter’s wedding.

– Sue Schofield, 9 August 2023, wedding at Chateau La Durantie, Lanouaille, France


This band is awesome!!! Me and my wife were fully satisfied, and our expectations were exceeded by High Jinx’s energy and swagger!!! The wedding guests loved the band as well as I was asked on numerous occasions as to who was responsible for the picking the band!!! They kept the party going all night long, masterful musicians!!

– Josh Bombart, 10 July 2023, wedding in Orgon, France


High Jinx delivered an outstanding performance on our special day. The lead singer's voice mesmerized everyone, effortlessly transitioning between pop & rock anthems and soulful ballads. Their proactive communication made planning a breeze. They kept the party alive with a versatile setlist that got everyone dancing. With their professionalism and infectious energy, High Jinx made our wedding truly extraordinary. Highly recommended for a magical and memorable experience.

– Aurélien Dupont, 12 May 2023, wedding at Château Destinée, Saint-Seurin-de-Prats, France


It was fun having them with us on our great day and the day before. Great musicians and great DJ playing awesome music. Very professional, on time and easy to work with. And, very flexible and spontaneous with what to play. In our case as well, beautifully accompanying my wife’s singing. One of the best moments in our lives. Thank you!

– Ben Fritz, 2 May 2023, wedding in Menton, France


Hi, We would just like to say thank you so much for performing at our wedding on Tuesday. You completely exceeded our expectations and your videos online do not do you justice. We have had a number of comments from our guests to say how much they enjoyed the band and also saying how you catered for all music tastes which made the whole experience most enjoyable for everyone. Thank you so, so much for making our day so special! Lily and James.

– Lily & James Trow, 13 August 2022, wedding at Château du Bédat, Aignan, France


Gautier and team, Huge thanks for the best day ever!!! No one could get off the dance floor it was absolutely incredible, I cannot thank you enough!! We will be sure to leave a review and recommend you to friends. Thank you for everything - you absolutely made our day & night and were such a pleasure to deal with! Aisling & Richard.

– Aisling Flynn, 24 June 2022, wedding at Chateau Lagorce, Haux, France


High Jinx’s performance was awesome! We absolutely loved them and definitely made the right choice. High Jinx played at our wedding in France and were absolutely incredible! Great set list and atmosphere in the room with all of the lights and sound equipment. We loved that some members of the band were wireless and able to play in the crowd amongst our guests. We would not hesitate to recommend High Jinx!

– Ross Barnes, 10 March 2022, wedding at Chateau La Durantie, Lanouaille, France


High Jinx were absolutely phenomenal. Honestly. We couldn’t have asked for more on our big day. They were extremely accommodating with our timings, driving through the night to ensure they would arrive early enough to get the sound check out the way to ahead of guests arriving. They were also patient with the delay in starting the music (we had slight issues with the timing of the meal, which started late), and gave us extra time after their set finished, allowing us to listen to music through their sound system for a long while afterwards. The set itself was fantastic. I was in a band myself for some years so could fully appreciate their excellent equipment and how tight they were musically. They literally had the whole crowd up on their feet throughout the set (we do also have a fantastic and lively crowd of friends and family, so I like to think that it was a perfect symbiotic relationship!). Obviously we were aware that High Jinx were at the more expensive end of the price range, so as you can imagine, we had quietly kept our fingers crossed that they would prove their worth. Expectations were high, basically, and they totally smashed it out the park. Can’t rate them highly enough. Thank you to FixTheMusic also, for being so professional, attentive by email, and enabling us to find them in the first place.

– Ross Reeves, 8 February 2022, wedding at Chateau de Brametourte, Lautrec, France


High Jinx played at our 25th Anniversary!! Amazing drive and energy, and wonderful playlist. Our guests and us had a fabulous party!! I would definitely recommend them for any party!!

– Lene Lundberg Beier, 14 September 2021, private party in Cannes, France


2 members from the band (incl. the singer) played at our wedding. They were excellent and he has an amazing voice!! Would definitely recommend them for weddings, parties etc.

– Emelie Albeck, 23 October 2020, wedding in Cannes, France


Very good band!! Perfect for any of your important occasions!!

– Julie-Emilie Milleliri, 22 February 2020, private event on the French Riviera

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